Marabou feathers for fly tying

Marabou - the perfect fly tying material for lively streamers

Marabou feathers are mainly used for tying streamers, as these feathers are particularly soft and give the fly a lively action. Especially when fly fishing in still waters, you can literally make fly patterns pulsate with this material by retrieving it with short twitches. During the pauses, the marabou inflates, but when you retrieve it again, it clings more tightly to the hook. We offer first-class marabou feathers in many different colours, from bright fluorescent to naturally muted. Also available as a grizzly version, which imitates the banding or scale pattern of prey fish very well. Just try it out and make your streamers even more seductive with Marabou.

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Marabou feathers are extremely soft, creating a truly seductive, almost hypnotic movement in the water. They are widely used for tying streamers and are an essential material for making the famous Wooly Bugger, probably the most fished streamer pattern in the world.

Marabou streamers can be used universally. In still water, these patterns can be animated particularly well using short twitches with pauses in between. During these pauses, the soft material opens up nicely and provides plenty of volume, while it tightens up during the retrieve, giving the impression that the lure is pulsating. This allows you to fish your streamer very attractively by retrieving it in a variety of ways. This fantastic material already snakes very seductively as your streamer sinks, so you can expect a take at any time from the first second your lure is in the water.

If you use your marabou streamer in running water, on the other hand, the current automatically takes over the animation of your lure and ensures a restless and very dynamic movement of this soft material, which imitates the wriggling movements of a panicked fleeing prey fish extremely realistically. This instinctively appeals to any predatory fish so that it almost can't help but attack your lure.

In our online shop for fly fishermen and fly tiers, we stock a large selection of marabou feathers, all of which are selected and of outstanding quality. The available colour palette ranges from eye-catching and bright to natural and muted shades, so you can find the right colour combinations for all your streamer patterns. Some variants are also UV-active, so they reflect strongly in this light spectrum and give your fly patterns an additional visual appeal.

In addition to the different single-colour variants, you will also find so-called grizzly dyes, i.e. marabou feathers that have a black banding in addition to a basic colour. This high-contrast colouring is ideal for imitating prey fish in particular, as it perfectly mimics the natural stripes or the uneven coloured scale pattern of many prey fish.

The marabou feathers available from us have a length of around 13 to 15 cm and the dense and long awns make them equally suitable for tying large and small streamer patterns.