Breathable & waterproof wading jackets keep you dry in all weathers

With our waterproof and breathable wading jackets, you can fish in any weather without any problems and be sure to stay dry. Thanks to the modern fabric, these wading jackets very reliably prevent the penetration of water, but at the same time allow the moisture to escape as water vapour. In this way, condensation inside the wading jacket is significantly reduced and you stay completely dry even during sweaty fights. Of course, despite all the protection from the elements, a good jacket must not restrict you. It has to fit comfortably and be comfortable to wear. In our online shop you will find wading jackets that go beyond these essential requirements with numerous clever details and very spacious pockets. With a good wading jacket, the weather should no longer be an excuse not to go out on the water!

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Fly fishing is fun in any weather. Because there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. A waterproof, breathable and durable wading jacket protects you reliably from wind and weather. A good wading jacket has to do much more than just keep out the rain. It accompanies you all year round. In snow and cold as well as in storms and rain showers. It also determines whether you can enjoy your day on the water or have to leave it early.

If you want to buy a wading jacket, you should therefore pay attention to the following things:

  • First and foremost, your new wading jacket must be waterproof. The technical properties of the high-performance textiles used are just as important as the quality of the workmanship. After all, seams and zips are critical points.
  • You should also consider the cut and the adjustment possibilities of the hood. Does the hood fit snugly around the head and face? Can it be adjusted to fit tightly? Does it follow all your movements without restricting your view?
  • The function of the cuffs is often underestimated. They have to be easy to adjust, not cut in and fit firmly. Not only to keep the water from running down the forearm from the hand when casting and fishing. The cuffs need to stay tight even when you submerge your arms briefly.
  • Good and reliable wading jackets are not only 100% waterproof, but of course also breathable. When fly fishing, you are constantly on the move. When wading, when casting or when playing the fish. That's why it's important that all your wading gear, especially your wading jacket, reliably wicks moisture away from your body. Because being soaking wet from sweating is not only unpleasant. You also cool down more quickly. A breathable but windproof wading jacket keeps you dry and warm even in the cold season.
  • The cut of wading jackets is a little looser in the shoulder area. This gives you optimal freedom of movement when casting and fishing. They can also be cut a little shorter than traditional rain jackets. Because they are worn in combination with waterproof and breathable waders.
  • Comfort and functionality should not be neglected in a wading jacket. It must be comfortable to wear. Even if it is loaded with all kinds of accessories and equipment. It should also offer enough storage space that can be reached quickly and easily. Large flaps and water-repellent zips close the pockets securely. This keeps the contents dry. And nothing can fall out, even if you bend over at the front. You will appreciate well thought-out solutions for attaching tools as well as the landing net.

Would you like to buy a wading jacket that keeps its promise? We carry a wide range of selected models from different brands. You're sure to find the right wading jacket that you can rely on.