Fly fishing chest packs & waist packs

Comfortable and well-designed chest packs & waist packs are a smart alternative to fly vests

Waist packs and chest packs can be a good alternative to a wading vest when fly fishing. Unlike a vest, they offer you greater freedom of movement and still allow you to take a lot of equipment with you on the water. We have various models of waist and chest packs, which differ in shape, size and features. What they all have in common, however, is that in addition to spacious pockets, they offer all kinds of clever gadgets for attaching tools and other utensils such as fly patches or leader dispensers quickly and easily, so that they are always to hand. Adjustable, wide belts or padded shoulder straps ensure a good, secure and comfortable fit of the chest and waist packs, even when they are fully loaded and therefore correspondingly heavy.

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Chestpacks have come out on the market as an alternative to classic vests. Thanks to their small size and very low weight they have become very popular with fly fishermen in a short time. Their use during the hottest periods of the year allows you to stay cooler than the classic fly fishing vest, and their high capacity will allow you to take with you everything you need for your fishing session. They are all equipped with D-rings to attach the landing net and comfortable padded and adjustable straps that allow you to adapt the chestpacks to any body size.