Fly fishing chest packs & waist packs

Comfortable and well-designed chest packs & waist packs are a smart alternative to fly vests

Waist packs and chest packs can be a good alternative to a wading vest when fly fishing. Unlike a vest, they offer you greater freedom of movement and still allow you to take a lot of equipment with you on the water. We have various models of waist and chest packs, which differ in shape, size and features. What they all have in common, however, is that in addition to spacious pockets, they offer all kinds of clever gadgets for attaching tools and other utensils such as fly patches or leader dispensers quickly and easily, so that they are always to hand. Adjustable, wide belts or padded shoulder straps ensure a good, secure and comfortable fit of the chest and waist packs, even when they are fully loaded and therefore correspondingly heavy.

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Chest packs and waist packs are a very practical alternative to the classic fly-fishing vest. Thanks to their adjustable and generous padded straps, are very comfortable to wear and fit any body size. Unlike the fishing vest, these chest and waist packs are much more minimalist and during the warmer summer months allow you to stay cool because they are much airier as the area of contact with your body is reduced to a minimum and the padding is covered with a mesh fabric. Moreover, the waist packs also have the advantage that you can turn them backwards when fishing, so that they are not in the way and your fly line cannot get caught when casting, retrieving or playing a fish.

Despite their very compact size and low weight, you can fit a very impressive amount of fly-fishing gear inside these packs. Because they are designed specifically for fly fishing, they are equipped with specific accessories that allow you to keep all your necessary equipment, such as tippet spools and line cutters, within easy reach, while the roomy main pockets can hold even large fly boxes. Moreover, other smart details such as Velcro straps, retractors, tool tabs and pliers’ holders give you the possibility to have everything in its place in a very tidy manner.

The materials used are of high quality and very durable, with solid seams and strong zip fasteners. The fabrics are water-repellent and allow you to fish in the rain without getting the contents wet. All of the chest packs and waist packs we have in our fly-fishing shop have those practical and grippy cords attached to the zipper pull, allowing you to open and close the pockets very easily, even with one hand.