A wohle range of mop fly patterns

Mop Fly: unconventional flies, but extremely catchy

There are certainly not many fly patterns that are as unconventional as the Mop fly. The name says it all, because the first variants were tied from the appendages of cleaning mops. Accordingly, the Mop fly is viewed with suspicion by conservative fly fishermen. However, their extremely high catchability is undisputed. These fly patterns are very visible in the water due to the strong colours and the freely moving body with its special texture. The Mop fly is particularly effective in turbid and fast-flowing water. In this product category you will find a wide range of Mop flies in the catchiest colours and varieties, some of the patterns also with lively playing legs. Bright contrasting colours but also more natural models that imitate larvae and other worms very well. All patterns are very high quality tied with special Mop fly body material that is very durable and will not disintegrate even if damaged by many takes.
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