Adapt quickly & easily to all water situations

A polyleader is a tapered leader that has a polyurethane coating. This soft material gives the leader the necessary flexibility so that it unrolls very nicely, creating a harmonious connection between fly line and leader tip. Especially with large and heavy flies or with fly lines of higher line classes, a polyleader ensures that the casting energy is transferred evenly and right to the tip, so that you can cast far and still present your flies precisely. Polyleader can be floating or have different sink rates. This way, by changing the polyleader, you can offer your fly at the desired depth or adapt to changing current speeds. Our polyleader are fitted with functional loops on both sides, which allow them to be looped into the fly line very quickly and make changing uncomplicated. With polyleader, you can greatly expand the range of uses for your fly-fishing equipment.

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