Barbless Javi tungsten nymphs

The body of the Javi nymphs is made of tungsten and makes these patterns extra heavy

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The new Javi tungsten nymphs are our heaviest. Depending on their size, they weigh 2-3 times more than a normal tungsten beadand 4-6 times more than a brass bead.

These extra heavy nymphs allow you to fish deep down or at the bottom of the river even with strong current.

This is possible thanks to the clever construction of these new Javi nymphs: the extended body is made of tungsten. In this way two thirds are hidden by the construction materials and only the front part of the ballast is visible and strongly resembles and a common tungsten bead. Thanks to this shape it is possible to tier heavy and in the same way also relatively thin nymphs with natural proportions, without having to use an oversized tungsten bead.

Here you can see only Javi tungsten bodies.

We have also developed a small series of "semi-naked" nymphs thanks to the incitement of a "flies tester" of the magazine "Fliegenfischen" (a German magazine that translated is called "fly fishing") and we must admit that they are brilliant and effective! The mixture of the nymphs Javi and Perdigòn combines the advantages of both types: the heavy weight and the smooth body make these nymphs sink very quickly.

The Javi-Perdigòn nymphs (art. no. ZPE501 to ZPE510) are made only with a few windings of material in stimulating colours, often reactive to UV rays, and with a tail, that's all. The result is surprising: this new type of nymphs works even with very suspicious fish who have seen everything and who reject even the normal golden-bead nymphs. During our tests we were able to deceive even several very large trout. Releasing the caught fish is not a problem thanks to the barbless hooks.

Do you want to experiment and modify the nymph? With water-resistant markers you can colour the naked body of your nymph Javi-Perdigòn in Tungsten at will.