The catchiest sabiki rigs and everything else you need for sabiki fishing

Our sabikis are created in cooperation with experienced anglers who test the patterns on many different waters. Only those models that have proven themselves on the water make it into our shop. In this way, our range is constantly evolving because we are always on the lookout for even more effective patterns. This is another reason why we can offer you a very large selection of sabikis that have been specifically optimised for certain species of fish, such as the whitefish, perch and twaite shad in the large upper Italian lakes. You will also find all the accessories you need to complete your equipment. We also carry everything you need to be extremely successful on the water with the Tyrolean Hölzl rig, featuring a jumping jack fishing weight and the corresponding flies.

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Sabiki fishing in lakes and reservoirs is very popular in continental Europe. It is a tremendous effective fishing technique for a broad range of freshwater fish species. Especially for shoal fish.

Many people don't immediately associate sabiki fishing with fly fishing, as other tackle is used. However, sabiki rigs consist of nymphs very similar to those used in fly fishing. They are tied using the same technique and materials as the artificial flies used for fly fishing. Sabiki fishing can therefore be described as fishing with a fly.

In this category we have compiled the best nymphs for you, as well as already tied sabikis. All our nymphs are hand-tied. In addition, each sabiki rig itself is carefully tied by hand as well. Our top-quality sabikis are sorted by target fish, so that even beginners can find the right sabiki for their favourite fish straight away.

In our online shop you can’t just buy sabiki for different species and techniques. In our online shop you'll also find the right accessories to complete your sabiki equipment. From self-adjusting floats and the ideal monofilament fishing line to sabiki rig winders and sabiki boxes. We also stock the right fishing weights for all methods of sabiki fishing, including lead-free and therefore environmentally friendly fishing sinkers.

You can successfully pursue many different species of fish in different waters with the sabiki. In many Alpine and pre-Alpine lakes, this fishing technique can be used to catch coregonus, i.e., European whitefish. But the sabiki in those waters is also an extremely effective fishing method for char.

In addition, the sabiki is also ideally suited for catching perch. Of course, here you can buy the best sabiki also for this fish species.

In the big lakes in northern Italy, it is very popular to catch a stationary form of Mediterranean shad, locally called sarda or agone, with the sabiki. Fishing for the twaite shad is an active, dynamic and very successful way of sabiki fishing. When the shoal come to the shore, it is not uncommon to have several of these silver "mini-tarpons" hooked on your sabiki at the same time.

Trout and grayling can also be fished very successfully in rivers and reservoirs with sabiki systems. We offer a wide range of special nymphs for this purpose. In this way, you can put together your own individual sabiki rig.

When fishing in current waters, a jumping jack fishing weight is used. Due to its special construction with an air-filled plastic tube, hang-ups on the bottom are significantly reduced. This fishing method, locally called “Tiroler Hölzl” or "Klötzeln", is so efficient and catchy that it has now been banned on some rivers.