Unweighted nymphs

Light nymphs that move very lively and are therefore very catchy

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Depending on the current, the unweighted nymphs sink more or less quickly and can even reach a depth of a few decimetres with little current. They are therefore suitable for relatively shallow and calm waters.
These light nymphs are ideal if you want to catch fish that are eating in the area of the aquatic surface. In this situation, often confused by beginners who believe that the fish are eating on the surface, since sometimes you can see even the dorsal fins, trout and grayling hunt the nymphs that are emerging from the bottom.
These light baits are more suitable than ballasted baits if you intend to fish on sight.
The unweighted nymphs can be used perfectly as second nymph even in deep waters with a lot of current. However, fishing with the second nymph is not permitted in all waters.