Barbless gurgler fly patterns

Gurgler flies excite fish both visually and acoustically and make for spectacular surface take

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Gurglers are modern fly patterns that have become widespread due to their catchability. They are not only used successfully on streams and rivers, but also on lakes and along the coast. A whole range of different fish species can be caught with gurglers.

Gurglers do not imitate real insects. Their secret lies in the upward-pointing foam lip on the head. The gurglers are actively fished by letting the fly pattern slither across the water surface evenly or in small jerky movements. In doing so, it produces a gurgling sound. In addition, due to the water resistance, the fly starts to flutter slightly. These seductive movements are further enhanced by the legs, tails and other appendages that are tied in.

Fishing with gurglers can be very successful even when there is no noticeable fish activity at the surface. The strong visual and acoustic stimuli of these flies entice the fish. And these takes on actively guided gurglers occur with a surprising vehemence and are extremely spectacular. They seem to come out from nowhere and it is not unusual that the fish catapults itself completely out of the water with the fly in its mouth.