Cheburashka jigs

With these Cheburashka jigs you weight your flies & streamers quickly & flexibly

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Cheburaska jigs made of tungsten are interchangeable weights that you can attach to the eyelet of your streamer. The great advantage of these jigs is that they can be quickly exchanged, so that you can change the weight of your predator fly in seconds and adapt it to the current conditions on the water.

To do this, simply pull the steel clip out of the Cheburashka ball and thread your streamer through the eyelet so that it hangs on the bulbous side of the clip. Then put the clip back into the Cheburashka jig until the narrow side at the other end is sticking out and attach your leader or snap or carabiner swivel to it.

The assembly is much easier than it sounds, as you can see in this video:

The compact weight of the tungsten Cheburashka jig allows you to reach the bottom quickly and reliably. That's why we recommend rigging your flies and streamers with the hook pointing upwards. This way you can significantly reduce the risk of snagging and thus material loss. Just make sure that the hook tip of your predator fly is pointing in the same direction as the belly of the clip when you rig it on the clip.

Cheburashkas are ideal for fishing both weighted and unweighted flies. As they are very quick and easy to rig and replace, you can always adjust the weight of your streamer to suit the actual conditions on the water. In fast currents and deep pools, you simply increase the weight, while in shallower stretches you reduce it. This way you don't need to tie a variety of different pre-weighted models of your favourite streamers, because you can always choose the right weight on the water.

We offer the practical Cheburashkas not only in many different weights but also in different colours. So you can match the colour of the jig to your streamer or choose a contrasting colour for even more appeal and create a visual hotspot.

Our Cheburashka jigs are robust and can easily withstand strong fish.

Our Cheburashkas are made of tungsten and are therefore slightly more expensive than comparable products made of lead, but at the same time less harmful to the environment. For this reason, the use of lead products in angling will be rigorously restricted in the foreseeable future. However, with our Tungsten Cheburashka jigs you are on the safe side.