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Your very own fly rod built with the best blanks

At first glance, it may seem complicated to build your own fly rod from a blank. Especially when you consider that the market now offers an almost unmanageable variety of excellent fly rods. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, many fly fishers have a very specific idea of their dream rod and would like to put it together individually. By choosing components such as the reel seat, the rod handle, the type and positioning of the running guides and the colour of the windings, you can give your rod a very personal and unmistakable touch. When building your own rod, however, it's not just about aesthetic aspects. Especially in Euro Nymphing, the pros like to use so-called solitips, which are easier to make on a blank. In this product category you will find the best blanks to build your very own fly rod.

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Would you like to have your HYDROPSYCHE ELITE fly rod custom built by your trusted rod maker? Blanks from the ELITE series are finally available.