Custom Chenille System

Individual colouring and versatile use

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Basically, chenille consists of a very thin central yarn to which synthetic fibres of various shapes and characteristics have been firmly attached. A chenille can also contain very different fibres at the same time. This cord can be cut at any point without any problems; the special fibres that characterise chenille will always remain attached to it.


Chenille is a wonderful synthetic material for tying artificial flies. It is very easy to use, ideal if you are a beginner, and can be applied in many different ways. You can use it to make bodies, legs, tails and much more by simply wrapping it around the hook or attaching it with tying thread and letting it hang out as much as you like. Chenille is also used in many special fly patterns, such as egg flies or mop flies, and has quickly become an indispensable material in the world of modern fly tying. Below you find a video tutorial on the construction of a small streamer using both methods, i.e. 'wrapped on the hook' and 'let it hang out'.

Here you can see how to tie an egg fly, the perfect pattern for lake fly fishing.


The idea of the CUSTOM CHENILLE SYSTEM from Hotfly is as simple as it is ingenious and looks very much like a modular system that gives the artifical fly tyer maximum freedom of expression. The chenilles that are part of this system almost all are basically white or colourless and can therefore easily be coloured in with the markers provided. You can choose from many different chenilles, each with different shapes and characteristics, and then tie your artificial fly and colour it as you like. In this way you can create fly patterns with unique and irresistible fly patterns and make the capture of each single fish even more satisfying and individual.

It often happens that even though you already have a huge amount of chenille you are missing exactly the colour you need for your streamer, but with the Custom Chenille System (CCS) from Hotfly this can no longer happen. Moreover, with this system wrong purchases and overflowing drawers are a thing of the past.

Of course you can buy each chenille variant and each coloured marker separately, which saves you money compared to buying already coloured chenille because you only need to buy one chenille pattern and a few markers. By combining the various types of chenille available and the numerous markers, you have hundreds of different variations with a manageable number of starting products. Some chenilles are also available with different fibre lengths, so that the possible chenille variations multiply even more.

Each marker has a different sized tip on each side, making it easy to colour on any type of dressing. With the wide tip you can quickly colour large portions of chenille, while the fine tip allows you to work finely, colouring details with the utmost precision.

You can decide for yourself whether to colour the chenille before tying it in, during the tying or colouring the fly pattern at the end. Whether you dye only the individual fibres, use different colours on the same chenille thread, or dye only the central yarn of the chenille and leave the protruding fibres white, all these options will turn your artificial flies into unique imitations.

For many fly patterns, such as streamers, you can quickly and easily add a darker back or a lateral line as well as more complex designs such as colour gradients, the characteristic points of a brown trout or the stripes of a perch.


First of all, the chenille variants of the CUSTOM CHENILLE SYSTEM can also be used very effectively without colouring them with markers. The white base, with pearly reflections and UV reaction, is perfect for giving a touch of brilliance to your streamers and you can easily combine it with your other favourite fly tying materials, whether natural or synthetic.

The markers are also suitable for colouring any other material you use to tie your flies, so you can customise any dressing you want.