Mixed dubbing

The great properties of natural materials with the added appeal of synthetic fibres

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Mixed dubbing combines natural and synthetic hairs. The result is really very interesting because the mixture, besides being homogeneous, is really well made. The amount of synthetic fibres is very discreet and gives the natural dubbing the right brightness without having too much of an impact on the artificial fly, with the risk of scaring off suspicious fish.

Often having a few synthetic fibres inside the natural dubbing can really make a difference, making the fish curious and ensuring that among the various insects carried by the current they decide to take your imitation.

Mixed dubbing can also be attached to the tying thread without wax for a more compact result, or with wax for a softer, fluffier final effect. It is always possible to comb the dubbing with Velcro after it has been wrapped onto the hook, to increase its volume and give movement to your fly.

In our assortment there are many different combinations of natural hair and synthetic fibres to give you the widest possible choice of materials.