Barbless hopper & Chernobyl ant fly patterns

Grasshoppers & Chernobyl Ants are particularly catchy if you present them in a demonstrative way

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As you walk across the meadows to get to the water in summer, there are times when grasshoppers leap up in front of you at every step. With these powerful leaps, the grasshoppers bring themselves to safety in case of danger, but they also use them for locomotion. They do not always land where they are supposed to. For example, because the wind drifts them away or because the landing leaf suddenly gives way. So, every now and then, grasshoppers fall into the water. Due to their large jumps and body weight, the animals literally slap the surface of the water. You should take advantage of this and not present the grasshopper imitations too gently. Because the fish know very well that the splash means a richly laid table. A grasshopper is a tasty morsel that is easy to catch and provides plenty of energy.

In our online shop you will find a whole range of different imitations of grasshoppers and Chernobyl Ants. The latter do not necessarily imitate real insects. Instead, they focus on the appeal of a comparatively large body in contrasting and highly visible colours and seductively playing legs made of silicone.


Due to the tying materials used, our grasshoppers and Chernobyl Ants swim excellently and for a long time. Even after many takes, these fly patterns still float reliably. Due to their excellent buoyancy, these artificial flies are also used instead of the conventional strike indicator in certain fly-fishing rigs. In combination with a nymph, they form the "hopper-dropper-rig".

The contrasting colours of the bodies or the integrated eye-catching visual aids make it easy to follow their drift. If you are out and about with your fly rod on meadow streams in summer, some grasshopper patterns should not be missing from your fly box.