Successful fly fishing with our nymphs in all variations & the classic wet flies

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Nymphs imitate the subaqueous life stage of water insects. They present about 80-90 % of the nourishment of trouts and graylings and are therefore very important, also for other species of fish. Especially in the alpine waters imitations of nymphs are very promising throughout the season.

According to the situation and type of water are suitable more or less weighted nymphs: with unweighted nymphs you can catch fish which are „nymphing“ in the surface film or you can fish them as a second nymph on a short branch. With weighted tungsten nymphs in contrast you are perfectly prepared to probe the bottom river or stream.

Or you try to fish with the wet fly. This traditional way of fly fishing is very attractive and with a little practice very promising.

In our fly fishing online shop you can find a selection of over 500 nymphs and wet flies that are neatly arranged by categories.