Chest waders

Chest waders are ideal for the most demanding fishing trips. They keep you dry - guaranteed!

Chest waders are ideal if you are fly fishing on large bodies of water and have to wade deep. Chest waders not only guarantee absolute waterproofness up to far above the waist, but also offer excellent protection from the wind. We also have models that can be converted into waist-high waders in just a few steps - the perfect solution for comfortable use in summer as well as winter. Since all our chest waders are breathable, water vapour can escape and the formation of condensation in the waders is minimised.

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Chest waders are certainly the most commonly used waders type by fly fishermen. Thanks to their adjustable shoulder straps, they can be worn just below the armpits, allowing you to wade through particularly deep areas of water without any problems. Some models of chest waders in our online shop for fly fishermen have special straps that allow you to transform the chest waders into waist waders in no time at all. Chest waders not only keep you dry while wading, but also protect you from the wind, which provides extra comfort especially on cold days.

Made from the latest generation of high-performance fabrics, the waders are able to effectively prevent water penetration, but at the same time allow moisture to escape in the form of vapour. For this reason, the condensation effect inside your chest waders is reduced to a minimum. However, in extreme cases where the temperature difference between the inside of your chest waders and the outside environment is too great, condensation can occur in places. So, if you still notice some damp patches on your underwear when you take off your chest waders on such days, don't worry. This physical effect is perfectly normal and does not mean that your chest waders are leaking.

Another advantage of chest waders is the storage space for fishing accessories and personal items. Professional models have several pockets, such as a large breast pocket on the front, which is usually equipped with a waterproof zip. In addition, these models also have practical fleece-lined pockets to keep your hands warm, as well as other pockets on the inside of the chest area. One of these pockets can be waterproof, transparent, and touch-enabled, so you can easily use your smartphone without having to take it out. Well-equipped chest waders also offer D-rings and tool tabs to which you can attach your wading net and other accessories.

We recommend you to take a look at the professional and innovative chest waders from Hotfly Superb, which are particularly impressive thanks to their sealed and not stitched seams.