Barbed & barbless hooks for fly tying

Fly-tying hooks may only look the same at first glance. However, there are countless shapes and designs and the right model with very specific properties for the respective fly pattern they are developed for. Thin-stranded hooks, for example, are mainly used for dry fly fishing, while hooks for nymphs may feature a little thicker wire. Strong hooks, on the other hand, are used for tying streamers. An easily recognisable feature is the presence or absence of a barb. The barb ensures that the hook sits securely in the fish's mouth. Especially in fly fishing, however, more and more fly patterns are tied on barbless hooks. These can be released very gently. If you keep the fish under tension during the fight, barbless hooks are also relatively rare. And last but not least, a barbless hook is safer for you. In our online shop you'll find a huge selection of extremely sharp, high-quality fly-tying hooks with chemically sharpened tips.

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Fly hooks are the heart of artificial flies. They hold all the fly tying materials we use to tie our artificial flies and must be able to attach a fish without deforming or opening. That's why a good quality fly hook is essential.

The Japanese have traditionally been the best producers of fly fish hooks. We have chosen one of the most important Japanese producers for the production of our hotfly superb hooks. These hooks are of excellent workmanship, high carbon steel, made in Japan, chemically sharpened, very strong, with bronzed or black nickel finish.

Thanks to the large quantity of fly hooks we use, we are able to offer hotfly superb hooks with excellent quality at attractive prices.

We also sell fly hooks dohiku and hends.