Streamer & predator flies for pike, trout, salmon, steelhead, huchen & co. - fly fishing for the big predators

If you want to fish specifically for big trout, huchen and pike, but also other predatory fish such as zander or perch, then predator flies should not be missing from your fly box. Strictly speaking, streamers are not flies in the classical sense, as they do not imitate insects, but rather small fish or other prey. However, this does not detract from the catchability of these predator flies. On the contrary, above a certain size many fish feed increasingly predatorily, as this is the easiest way for them to meet their increasing energy requirements. And that's why you're so successful on the big ones when you go fly fishing with predator flies. Only the best tying materials are used when tying our streamers, so that these predator flies play as lifelike and attractive as possible. This makes them irresistible to any predator. If the big ones are your favourite target than you can find the right streamer patterns right here.

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Streamers imitate small prey fish, as for example bullheads. When you fish with a streamer pattern you normally address behavior like aggression or territoriality of the fish. The bite usually happens very fierce and sudden. Streamers are conducted in different depths of water depending on the situation.

In addition to trouts you have also a good chance to catch with streamer flies big predator fishes like pikes and danube salmons (huco huco), which will definitely be a memorable adventure.

In the following sub-categories you will find an assortment of over 300 streamer patterns. You absolutely have to take a look at the "Heavy & special Streamers" - you definitely will be fascinated by these streamers!