Barbless perdigon nymphs

Fast sinking Perdigon nymphs fish longer in the hot zone

Perdigon nymphs, also called predigones, are very streamlined nymphs. The advantage of these very plain nymphs is the speed with which they reach the bottom of the water and thus that zone where the fish mostly look for food. Therefore, when tying these patterns, protruding legs, fibres and filaments are avoided. These could interfere with the fast sinking. On some perdigon nymphs there is at most a small tail made of a few soft fibres. No rough dubbing is used for the body, but it consists of a fine synthetic tinsel, mostly in bright and thus eye-catching colours. This fly-tying material is completely covered with UV glue to make the body as smooth as possible. Opposite the hooked eye, many perdigons also have a so-called hotspot in a contrasting colour, which is intended to attract additional attention.

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In addition to the Javi nymphs, the Perdigón tungsten nymphs are temporarily the most popular models in fly fishing. Thanks to their different properties, these baits sink quickly and are therefore very effective.

The Perdigónes were developed towards the turn of the millennium by Spanish and French agonist fly-fishermen in the Pyrenees and for some years now they have also been appreciated by "common mortals". The Spanish term perdigón means lead (hunting) pellets and was born from the fact that a pile of these nymphs with oversized heads looks like a load of pellets.

But why are these nymphs so effective? There are several factors: the body of the Perdigón nymphs is very slender, smooth and painted. In this way the nymph produces little friction and is able to sink easily. In addition, these baits have a head with an oversized tungsten bead that makes them sink quickly.

To tier the body of the Perdigónes we use synthetic materials, which are often composed of shiny fibers, equipped with components that react to ultraviolet rays, which can lead to greater success in certain situations.

Our Perdigón nymphs with a hook of 12 have a 3.5 mm tungsten pearl, those with a hook of 14 have a 3.0 mm pearl and those with a hook of 16 have a 2.5 mm pearl.

Thanks to its compact shape and smooth surface, even the smallest models sink quickly. The whole series of baits is made from high quality Hends barbless hook and, thanks to the paint, they are also quite durable.

You'll see that trout and grayling love these Spanish Perdigones!