Fishing pliers & fishing forceps

Quickly & easily press on barbs, loosen hooks, cut leaders, ...

Our fishing pliers and forceps are extremely useful tools for fly fishing. They allow you to grip the hook securely and remove it quickly and gently from the mouth of the caught fish. This makes fishing pliers and forceps indispensable, especially for C&R. But even if you like to take a caught fish home with you, a handy fishing plier should be part of your equipment, because undersized fish and protected species want to be released from the hook just as quickly and gently and put back as unharmed as possible. Fishing pliers and forceps are also very useful for pinching your barbed flies. In this product category you will find a range of different models, all of which are made of stainless steel and have a high-quality finish, as well as numerous additional functions.

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