Javi tungsten nymph bodies

For extra heavy nymphs that are still naturally proportioned

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Javi tungsten nymph bodies are very useful when you want to tie very heavy artificial flies without exceeding too much in size. They are fixed in the upper part of the hook with a drop of glue, the classic attak is fine, and then they are covered by the fly tying material. The only part that remains visible will be the head. There are also some dressing in which the Javi tungsten body is covered with UV glue, and the result is very similar to a perdigones.

The ideal hooks on which to mount the Javi tungsten nymph bodies are the jigs, although it is possible to mount these special ballasts on standard hooks.

With the weight of artificial flies made with Javi tungsten nymph bodies you can reach the bottom of the river very quickly, this will make the fishing action very effective even when fishing where the current is very strong.

Available in gold, silver and black nickel in the following sizes: XS, S, M, L