Tungsten beads slotted

These slotted tungsten beads are ideal for use on jig hooks

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Tungsten beads slotted are specifically designed to be mounted on jig hooks. In fact, the particular shape of the jig hooks does not allow a correct insertion of the classic tungsten beads because of the very pronounced curvature of the eyelet with respect to the stem of the hook, which can sometimes be as much as 90°.

The tungsten beads slotted with a jig hook allow the artificial fly to work with the tip of the hook facing upwards. This system has 2 significant advantages: it significantly reduces the possibility of grounding and preserves the sharpening of the tip from contact with the rocks on the bottom.

When you are in front of the stream you have to analyze well the type and color of water you want to deal with to choose the most suitable tungsten beads. If you want to fish effectively in strong currents and deep holes you must necessarily increase the size and weight of the tungsten beads, while if you want your artificial flies to have maximum visibility you must choose a color complementary to that of the water in which you want to fish. In a veiled water with green tones, a green tungsten bead will be much less visible than an orange one.

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