Waist waders

Waist waders are the first choice on hot days - they keep you dry & breezy

The main advantage of waist waders is their increased comfort. Especially in summer, because the shorter cut makes them airy if you fish on hot days. If you don't have to wade through deep pools on your water, we can definitely recommend buying waist waders. All of our waist waders are breathable. They reliably keep the water out while allowing water vapour to escape so you won't get sweaty.

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Waist waders

Waist waders are the perfect choice for those who like to stay light on the water. When you combine waist waders with a waist pack for the rest of your tackle, you have the entire upper body free. This allows you to fish much more comfortably, especially in summer. In addition, such a combination offers you a lot of freedom of movement. Of course, the shorter cut means you can't wade quite as deep as with chest waders, but that's not necessary on many waters. Waist waders are also the first choice for fishing guides, river keepers and fishery wardens.

Like conventional waders, waist waders are worn in combination with wading boots (which can be purchased separately). This gives you all the advantages that special wading boots offer in terms of comfort and sure-footedness. Depending on the model, waist waders have 2 shallow pockets with waterproof zips and in some cases also 1 D-ring for attaching additional fishing accessories.

In our online shop for fly fishers, you will find waist waders in different price ranges. From the more expensive professional waist waders, which are especially suitable for fly fishers who fish a lot and in demanding terrain, to the pricier, but still reliable waist waders, which appeal especially to all those fly fishers who make a manageable number of fishing trips a year and are not confronted with extreme situations on the water.

The high-tech textiles used to make waist waders reliably keep the water out, but at the same time they are breathable and allow water vapour to diffuse outwards. This means that condensation does not form in these waist waders or is at least reduced to a minimum. If the temperature difference between the inside of the waist waders and the outside is very high, condensation can still form inside the waist waders. If you notice damp spots on your underwear when you take off your waist waders, don't worry. This is a natural physical phenomenon and does not mean that your waist waders are defective or leaking.