Propeller for spinflies

Your flies will make a lot of noise with these propellers

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SPINFLY PROPELLERS are used both for spinfly lures, i.e. for fishing with an ultralight spinning rod, and for streamer fishing lures with the classic fly line. Tied at the front of the hook, near the eye, they have a regular and constant rotation even with slow retrieves.

To facilitate propeller rotation, we recommend placing a tungsten, brass or plastic bead just behind it. This will allow your propeller to rotate freely without getting caught in the fly tying material. If there is no space for a bead because your artificial fly is so small, simply apply a drop of UV glue slightly thicker than the thickness of the propeller hole.

A little trick is to block the bead at the back of the propeller with a nylon thread to ensure that the propeller always has enough space to rotate freely. This will also allow you to have a stable point of support during fly tying on which to place all your dressing, without it squashing the propeller between the two bead.

This rotation generates a lot of vibration in the water and attracts the attention of the fish. Many times it attacks the bait not out of hunger but because it is irritated by it. On days when there seems to be no activity, stimulating the aggressiveness of the fish with the vibrations of a SPINFLY PROPELLER could be a good way to make some catches.

The silver and gold versions, as well as emitting vibrations, reflect light very well and generate a lot of reflections during rotation, creating very attractive visual stimuli.The orange version does not reflect the light but could be a good solution in case of muddy water.

SPINFLY PROPELLERS can be used on both lake and stream flies. Although they are effective in both situations, they are best used in slow-moving waters.

Here is our fly tying tutorial in which we tie an artificial fly suitable for both lake and stream with SPINFLY PROPELLERS: