Fly fishing stripping baskets

A line basket minimises line tangle - ideal for long casts

A fly-fishing stripping basket is always a good idea when you have to handle large amounts of fly line and there is no suitable surface to lay the line down. This can be the case when fly fishing from a boat, where the line can get tangled in all kinds of objects, as well as when wade fishing on the coast or in Stillwater. The fly-fishing stripping basket also serves well there, because you can lay down the retrieved fly line well and compactly. This way, the line is ready for the next cast, and you can let it shoot with only a few empty casts and achieve long casting distances. Furthermore, when fishing from the shore, a fly-fishing stripping basket helps to keep the fly line away from bank vegetation in which it can get caught. In addition, the stripped line stays clean in the fly-fishing stripping basket, which leads to less friction in the running guides resulting in greater casting distances. In Addition, this also ensures a longer life for your fly lines. Here you will certainly find the line basket that best meets your needs.

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