Tungsten body plus bead

Tie weighted nymphs easily with these tungsten combi forms

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Very similar to javi tungsten bodies, even the body plus bead tungsten are used to make very heavy nymphs without exaggerating with the size of the tungsten beads. To fix them to the hook you just need to add a drop of glue, the classic attak will be fine, in the groove on the bottom of the ballast. Once this is done, just insert the hook into the groove and wait a few seconds.

Unlike the javi tungsten bodies, the body plus bead tungsten have a much more pronounced segmentation between head and body, the final result will be very similar to a nymph with a standard tungsten bead but with a leaded subbody that will make it much heavier than a classic beads of equal size.

The fact of having very heavy nymphs without distorting too much the proportions of the artificial fly will allow you to be very effective in those situations where you have to reach the bottom of the stream very quickly with credible imitations, to be able to deceive the largest and most suspicious fish.