Super attractive propeller flies

Our propeller flies really put the pressure on underwater

Propeller flies make a lot of pressure under water when they are retrieved due to the attached fast-spinning propeller. These vibrations are picked up by the fish with their sensitive lateral line organ, so that they can perceive these fly patterns even in turbid water and over greater distances. Predatory fish in particular can be provoked by these propeller flies, either because it makes them think it is a prey fish fleeing in panic or because it is a incautious intruder in their territory. Whatever the reason, the fact is that these propeller flies are extremely catchable. Especially on commercial fishing ponds or stillwaters with high fishing pressure you will be very successful with these fly patterns. In our online shop we offer you a large selection of extremely attractive propeller flies, which are made from high-quality materials. Many of these patterns are equipped with additional components that increase the attraction factor even more, such as latex tails or so-called wiggle tails.

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Our artificial flies with propeller are part of a selection of streamers that has proven very successful over the years. The use of innovative fly tying materials with the addition of a propeller has produced a series of very effective artificial flies!

It is well known that classic streamers such as the Wooly Bugger are also successful in artificial trout fishing lakes. But now we have combined tried and tested streamer models with the advantages of a rotating bait. Thanks to the vibrations emitted by the rotation of the propeller, the artificial fly is extremely attractive to rainbow trout and other predators. The slow recovery of the fly is sufficient to trigger the rotation of the propeller. The vibrations are directly perceived by the lateral organ of the fish and associate it with a possible prey.

With our artificial propeller flies you have a high probability of having bites in the sinking phase of the bait. When recovering, it is important to vary the speed and take short breaks over and over again to let the streamer sink again. Continuous fly recovery can also be successful in some situations.

After the test phase we decided on 4 groups of propeller streamers:

Classic variants of the classic Wooly Bugger.
Rotostream with a seductive marabou tail.
Siliroto with an extra mobile latex tail.
Wiggle Tail Monster with a strong tail but very mobile, which simulates a rotary movement during recovery.
Please note that the Siliroto flies are not exposed to sunlight, as UV rays ruin the latex tail.

You can fish with our flies with propeller as a classic streamer. At the trout pond it is best to use a bombarda or similar "help" to tow our propeller flies. This last variant has the advantage that thanks to Bombarda it is possible to reach long cast distances and, by skilfully selecting the descent speed of the Bombarda, it is also possible to control in an optimal way the depth of immersion of the propellers, since their weight is relatively low. There are plenty of bias in different sizes, colors and degrees of sinking.
The testing phase of our new propeller flies has proven effective even when no other bait is taken into account.