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When fly fishing, the fly line is fundamental. Only with its help can you cast the proverbial feather-light fly at greater distances and present it where the fish are. Unlike other fishing methods, the casting weight in fly fishing lies in the fly line. Only through a good and matching balance between the action of the fly rod and the taper of the fly line will you succeed in casting your fly effortlessly, relaxed and precisely all day long on the water. Depending on the technique, the focus is on different aspects when casting the fly: far, powerful, efficient, water-anchored, precise, delicate. For all these requirements you can buy the optimal fly lines from us. For a perfect tackle setup, you will not only find modern fly lines and classic silk lines in this category, but also backing, polyleader, loop connectors and everything for line care.

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In no other type of fishing is the line as fundamentally important as in fly fishing. As artificial flies have a negligible weight, in fly fishing you use the weight of the fly line to cast your fly. However, to ensure that you can present your fly easily and accurately over a longer period of time without exerting too much effort, your fly line must be perfectly balanced with your fly rod.


That's why you'll find a wide selection of fly lines for all common line classes in our online shop. These line classes, also known as AFTMA classes, were introduced to make it quick and easy to find the right fly line for every fly rod.

However, not every fly line in a particular line class is suitable for all types and methods of fly fishing. Apart from the different floating and sinking properties, fly lines also differ in their shape. This taper describes the distribution of weight along the fly line. And this distribution obviously has an influence on the casting properties of the respective fly line.

The better these casting characteristics match your type of fly fishing, the better you will present your flies and the more you will catch. With the ideal fly line, your day on the water will not only be more relaxed, but also more successful. We have the ideal fly lines for many areas of fly fishing. Whether for classic fishing with dry flies, fly fishing for predatory fish with large streamers or very special applications, such as competition-compliant ultra-thin Euro nymphing lines or fly lines for Stillwater fly fishing, which can also be used to perform the froller cast. You can buy the ideal fly line for all types of fly fishing from us.


In this product category, you will find much more than just the fly line best suited to your method, but also a range of other useful products to optimise your tackle setup, such as

Silk fly lines: Almost forgotten in the past, these handcrafted fly lines made from natural silk are experiencing a real renaissance. They provide pure casting pleasure, especially for fine fishing with dry flies. However, these lines require a little more maintenance, but they last longer than other lines. The higher price of these fly lines is put into perspective by their long working life.

Backing: Your "insurance" under the actual fly line. This is because fly lines have a standard length of around 30 metres. In case the fish of a lifetime gets your fly and tears line off the reel like a crazy bull, you will be glad of every extra metre of backing you have on the reel. The backing also increases the spool diameter and thus reduces the memory effect of the fly line.

Polyleader: Polyleader are mainly used when you want to ensure a more harmonious transition from the fly line to the leader when using medium and higher line classes. This also allows you to influence the floating and sinking properties of your line and adapt quickly and easily to changing situations on the water without having to change the entire fly line.

Loop connectors: Nowadays, almost all fly lines are already offered with welded loops. These make assembly and changing the leader much easier. However, if you want to customise your fly lines, these fabric loops make it quick and easy to attach new loops to your fly line.

Line care: Even though modern plastic fly lines are very easy to care for, you can significantly extend their lifespan with a little care. Line care also preserves the floating and casting properties of the fly line.