Leaders for Euro Nymphing

Euro Nymph leaders in all variations, ready to fish

In this product category you will find a large selection of different monofilament leaders that have been specially developed for Euro Nymphing. The use of these practically weightless mono lines has made modern nymph fishing so incredibly effective. This is because they are very easy to keep completely out of the water, so that cross currents and other obstacles in the river do not negatively affect the natural drift of your nymphs. In addition, these lightweight Euro Nymph prevent slack line, so you can always maintain direct contact with your nymphs during the entire drift. This means you won't miss any more takes and can also set the hook much faster thanks to the taut line. The eye-catching colours make it easier for you to follow your leader in different light conditions and replace an additional sighter for simple rigs. Available in different lengths, colours as well as with or without a micro ring, you will also find the perfect Euro Nymphing leader for your individual needs.

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Our Euronymph leaders are hand-knotted by professionals and only firstclass nylon is used. Most models are pre-assembled to make it as easy as possible for you so that you only need to concentrate on fishing. All knots and connections are of high quality so that you can fully rely on your rig even when fighting big fish.

The lines of most Euronymph leaders are very strikingly coloured so that you can always keep an eye on it in all light conditions and follow the drift of your nymphs with extreme precision. In addition, the bright colours of the leader also acts as a sighter, meaning that you don't need to tie on an additional sighter for simple Euronymph rigs. This way, you can simply tie the tippet to the front end of the leader, and you can get started straight away. Even versatile rigs with 2 different sighters can be tied more easily and quickly with these Euronymph leaders. The transparent leaders are very inconspicuous, but the sighter in the form of a multi-coloured line or the Czech Drops is already integrated here too.

Where indicated, micro rings are already tied on at the front end to make tying on the tippet easier and quicker.

If you need input or ideas for making your own leaders/tippets for Euronymphing, you can take a look at our corresponding blog article.


Although it is relatively easy to start fishing at Euronymph, many people don't know how to take their first steps in technique and equipment. This is why we have put together an COMPLETE TUTORIAL TO EURONYMPH in which we cover all the main topics in detail, such as:

  • How the Euronymph technique was born
  • What are its strengths compared to other fly fishing techniques
  • What specific equipment to buy
  • What are the most commonly used rigs
  • How to cast and drift your nymphs effectively