Terenzio classic flies barbless

Classic fly patterns interpreted by Terenzio Zandri - true to nature down to the smallest detail

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When tying his fly patterns, Terenzio Zandri follows a simple but consistent philosophy that he has adopted over the course of his decades of experience as a fly tyer and fly fisherman: "A good fly must be as true to nature as possible, imitating nature down to the smallest detail. For me, the fly is almost a work of art, you have to have an artistic streak to imitate it reasonably well." That's why Terenzio also pays a lot of attention to the colours and materials he uses to make his flies. The Terenzio flies you find in our online shop are hand-tied in Italy by Gianluca Fusari, a good friend of Terenzio's, according to Terenzio's specifications.

The fly patterns listed here are all rather classic or traditional fly patterns such as March Brown, Pheasant Tail, Blue Dun, BWO and barbless tied. You can see how seriously Terenzio Zandri takes his own philosophy of a reproduction as close to nature as possible in his special loom woven flies, which you can also find in our shop.


  • Handmade in Italy
  • Made by the best Italian fly tyers
  • 40% more effective than traditional flies
  • Best fly tying materials used
  • Carefully designed dressings