Amadou patch

Amadou - a natural product that dries your flies gently & reliably

The Amadou is an ingenious natural product, indispensable for fly fishing, to completely dry your soaked dry fly in seconds. All you have to do is squeeze the wet fly a few times between the two parts of the Amadou patch, and you're done - the fly is completely dry and fully buoyant again. The very soft consistency of the Amadou sponge is gentle on the sensitive hackles of all your dry flies. Therefore, Amadou is also very suitable for the finest CDC flies. The raw material for the Amadou comes from a tree sponge, more precisely from the tinder fungus (Fomes fomentarius). Since it is a natural material, obtaining it is not always easy. In addition, only a small part of the tinder fungus can be used for the production of an Amadou patches and the production is done by hand. These are the reasons why the purchase of a genuine Amadou is not really cheap. But if you use your Amadou properly it will last practically the entire fly fisherman’s life. In this product category you will find various models of real Amadou patches in different sizes at a really interesting price.

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