Seductive playing zonker

The zonker streamer: a classic that is still absolutely catchable

The Zonker is a very appreciated and effective fly pattern, which is especially popular when fly fishing for predatory fish such as trout and perch, as well as in appropriate sizes also for fly fishing on pike. Common to all variants of the Zonker is the elongated strip of rabbit fur, i.e., the Zonker strip, which ensures a very lively and seductive action in the water with this streamer. The fine hairs of the rabbit's fur play with the slightest movement or current, the more or less long strip of fur undulates when retrieved and imitates the swimming movements of small baitfish that are fleeing. In this category we offer you a large selection of this very successful predator fly in many great colours and variations. Our extensive range includes both light-weight and fast-sinking models weighted with head beads or tungsten coneheads. This way you can be sure to find the best and catchiest Zonker streamer for your favourite water.
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