Cottarelli fly tying vises

Unique design, technically sophisticated and highly professional

The COTTARELLI vises are handmade in Italy by Franco Cottarelli, owner of the Cottarelli CTA turnery, expert fisherman and fly tyiers. All the choices that have been made to make these vises are very ingenious and will greatly facilitate fly tying.

Franco Cottarelli's extraordinary inventiveness has led to the creation of unique vises, such as the extraordinary TRIPOD TRAVEL system, able to reduce weight and overall dimensions to a minimum, or like the SHUTTLE PLIERS or the MAGIC HEAD. We can stay here for hours to list the merits of these products, the fact is that in every single component you can see all the passion that Franco has for his work as a turner and fly fishing.

For the realization of all the COTTARELLI vises, materials such as steel, aluminium and brass have been used, which makes them extremely solid and robust, practically indestructible.

Many of the best fly tyiers in the world use the COTTARELLI (CTA) vises, as they are the only ones to have interchangeable heads and clamps with a simple gesture, to always have the best grip according to the type of flies you want to tie.Once removed, the heads can be used as support for the finished fly, which is very useful in fly tying competitions.

One of the strengths of the COTTARELLI system is that all components are modular to each other, allowing you to assemble the vise that best suits your needs. Attention, this modularity is valid for all COTTARELLI products with the exception of the TASCABILE vise.

Each vises is equipped with a wide range of accessories that will make the fly tying simple, fast and pleasant. To date we believe, without exaggeration, that COTTARELLI vises are among the best on the market, and are sold at a very honest price if we consider the work behind the realization of these products.

Each vises and each accessory on our online store is accompanied by a detailed description to fully understand all the features and functionality of the product in question. We have also made a video review that offers a general overview of all the products made by Franco Cottarelli.