Tungsten beads

Classic tungsten beads in a variety of sizes and colours

Tungsten beads give nymphs the necessary weight to get them to depth quickly. Tungsten is particularly suitable for this purpose because it has a high specific density, i.e., it is very heavy remaining quite compact at the same time. This way you can tie fast sinking nymph patterns that stay slim and have natural proportions. The beads are tied directly behind the hook's eye and simulate the insect's head. With us you can buy the right tungsten beads for all your nymph patterns. In our online shop you will find a huge selection of different tungsten beads, both in terms of sizes and colours. We also offer them in different shapes, such as eccentrically drilled jig-off beads and slotted beads that can be slid onto jig hooks with an angled hook eye.

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Our selection of classic tungsten beads ranges from 2.5 to 6 mm and are available in many different colors.

As the size increases, so does the weight, and as a result, your artificial flies will have a different degree of sinking. It is essential to choose the right weight according to the type of stream you want to face, in fact a too light tungsten beads will not be able to reach the bottom, while a too heavy tungsten beads will tend to run aground on the bottom or however will have an unnatural movement, resulting in little appeal to fish. In nymph fishing it is much more important to fish with the right weight of the artificial than the type of nymph you want to use.

To be able to be effective in fishing and catch some fish you must necessarily show in the most appropriate way our artificial, so, once you have chosen the ideal weight, you must choose the color that will be most visible in the type of water that we are going to face. In veiled waters, tending towards green, the most visible colours will be the complementary ones, such as red, orange and purple. In general, the rule of thumb applies to clear water clear fly, dark water dark fly. In stretches of torrent with a high fishing pressure it will be better to avoid using the classic gold tungsten beads preferring more natural colors such as black and copper.