Huge range of catchy & proven nymphs & wet flies on barbless hooks

For many fish, insects and other creatures that live at the bottom of the water or float freely in the water column are the main source of food. What's more, this food source is available all year round. That's why nymphs and wet flies should not be missing from your fly box. With these fly patterns, you will still be successful even when there is no hatch visible on the water. In this product category, you will find a constantly growing number of nymphs and wet flies that are tied on barbless hooks. Don't worry, the hooks used have a specially elongated tip that is also slightly curved inwards so that they grip very securely in the fish's mouth, and you can turn every take into a catch. We have clearly grouped the different nymphs and wet flies for a better overview. This not only helps you to find the right pattern, but also makes it easier for you to select the nymphs with the right weighting.

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