Barbless beetle fly patterns

If beetles fall into the water they are easy prey

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Beetles are typical land insects, some of which can be found in large numbers. May beetle years occur time and again, when particularly large numbers of these animals appear at the same time. But other beetles can also occur in swarms, for example the dune chafer.

If you notice many beetles on and near the riparian vegetation, you should definitely give these imitations a chance. It may well be that the fish have adapted to these easy-to-catch and nutritious morsels and are ignoring other flies.

Moreover, these imitations are very easy to present and fish. A particularly delicate presentation is not necessary. Quite the opposite. You can serve the supposed beetle to the fish with an noticeable clap. The foam body makes these fly patterns float very reliably. The integrated visual aid makes it easier for you to see the pattern clearly at all times, even in fast-flowing water.