Fly tying brass beads

Perfectly finish your fly imitations without weighing them down too much

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The brass beads are far from being antiquated in our opinion. These ballasts weigh less than half the weight of tungsten and are used in shallow water and light currents. When you don't need to reach the bottom with artificial flies, brass beads are for you.

There are times when the fish is concentrated on preying on those insects that are detaching from the bottom to reach the surface of the water, in these cases fishing on the bottom or with a dry fly may not give the desired results, while thanks to these ballasts you will be able to fish a few tens of centimeters below the surface of the water, thus entering directly into the range of action of the trout.

Here you will find the brass beads in the colors and sizes most used and thanks to our large sale of artificial flies we have eliminated the intermediate trade managing to obtain an economic advantage that we pass directly to you.