Fly fishing strike indicators

Recognise every bite, react faster, catch more!

Not with all fly-fishing techniques a take is as clearly recognisable as with the dry fly. That's why fly-fishing strike indicators are always useful when you are chasing fish with a nymph. You will be amazed how much more you catch compared to fishing without a strike indicator, because then you did not even notice a lot of bites at all. Using a strike indicator when fly fishing with the nymph ensures that you detect even the gentlest nibbles with an outstanding accuracy giving the advantage you need to hook those elusive trophy fish. Strike indicators with buoyancy also allow you to offer your nymphs at a specific depth, where fish are feeding at the moment. Here you will find the right fly-fishing strike indicator for every type of nymph fly fishing and for all individual preferences.

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When nymph fishing, strike indicators are very useful for recognising even the most subtle takes and being able to set the hook immediately. Most classic strike indicators are made from the following materials, which guarantee excellent buoyancy and absorb practically no water themselves:

  • Hard foam
  • polypropylene
  • poly yarn
  • Other plastics with similar properties

More traditional fly fishermen may turn up their noses at the word strike indicator. Especially when it comes to large models, which can indeed resemble classic floats. But you shouldn't let that put you off! Experienced nymph fishermen will confirm that in most situations you can only recognise a fraction of the takes without a strike indicator.

Particularly with classic nymph fishing (at greater distances) and deep on the bottom, it is virtually impossible to recognise timid and gentle takes in time or at all without a strike indicator. The fish has often "spat out" the nymph long before we notice the take. Especially in turbulent waters with many cross currents, it is simply impossible to detect the slight movement of the tip of your fly line at a distance of 15 metres. This is especially true if the front end of your fly line is no longer floating, or you are using a fly line in an inconspicuous colour. In these cases, you should use a well floating strike indicator made of hard foam. These are very easy to use and can also be retrofitted to the leader or positioned appropriately. Alternatively, you can also use strike indicators made from poly yarn. However, we recommend that you grease them well before use. This way, they float up high and reliably indicate takes for a long time. Our putty strike indicators are also ideal for this purpose.

If you are looking for special euro nymph sighters, we have put these together for you in a separate product category.

Simply contact us if you are unsure about choosing the right strike indicator for your personal needs.