Fly rod cases

For safe transport of your fly rods

The purchase of a fly rod is nevertheless a certain investment, even with comparatively inexpensive models. A moment of carelessness is enough, and the resulting damage can amount to several hundred euros. Therefore, a practical and stable rod case is certainly one of the more sensible investments. It allows you to store and transport your fly rods just as safely, as your rod is optimally protected by the stiff inner tube. Many of our rod cases also offer you the option of transporting the fly rod together with the mounted fly reel. This is not only very practical, as you can store the matching reel with each rod and save time when assembling your equipment on the water. In addition, the fly reel is well protected by the padding in this area. With many models available in different lengths, you are sure to find the right rod case for your rod and reel combination.

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