Loomis & Franklin fly rods

Top performance at a low price

Loomis & Franklin fly rods are the result of a collaboration between Trabucco and Sandro Soldarini, two absolute experts in the field of fishing. The result is fly rods that are both powerful and affordable for everyone. The range of Loomis & Franklin rods is very broad and covers a number of very different areas of use, so that you too can easily find the right fly rod for your favourite type of fishing. Years of experience at the forefront of international fly-fishing competition have enabled Sandro Soldarini to optimise rods down to the smallest detail. The company deliberately avoids unnecessary embellishments and cosmetics so that Loomis & Franklin fly rods can be offered at an extremely attractive price without compromising on quality and performance.

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LOOMIS & FRANKLIN is the Italian brand that has managed to build up a loyal fan base among fly fishers thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio of its products. The cornerstone of its success is certainly the collaboration with Sandro Soldarini, a very successful professional fly fisherman who was active at the highest level in international competition for many years. With this long experience and expertise of Sandro Soldarini, LOOMIS & FRANKLIN has succeeded in developing a series of fly fishing rods that can convince in every respect.

The entire range of fly rods from LOOMIS & FRANKLIN is characterised by an excellent price-performance ratio. Sandro Soldarini and his team have deliberately dispensed with elegant and elaborate features on the rods. This would only have led to higher prices for the customer without bringing any real added value in terms of better performance in practice. By doing without all the bells and whistles, it was possible to use high-quality materials for the fly rods and still maintain a very affordable price.


The range of fly rods manufactured by LOOMIS & FRANKLIN and developed by Sandro Soldarini comprises three different series, which differ primarily in the tensile strength values of the carbon fibre used in the construction of the rod blank. These are indicated in the individual series by the codes IM7, IM8 and IM12. The art of developing fly rods lies in selecting the right carbon fibre for the desired action of the fly rod.

In each of the three rod series, you will find a wide range of fly rods that are ideal for different applications. From the traditional 9' long universal rods for classic fly fishing with dry flies, classic nymph fishing and fly fishing with light streamers, to the short fly rods for the Italian casting style, the long and sensitive Euronymph rods and the robust streamer and stillwater fly rods. All fly rods are supplied in a Cordura transport tube with inner compartments, handle loop and adjustable shoulder strap.



With the NX8 fly rods, Loomis & Franklin is presenting a product that stands out somewhat from their usual marketing decisions. As is already well known, the brand is characterised by the exceptional price-performance ratio of its rods and offers the fly-fishing community great products at truly affordable prices. With this model, Loomis & Franklin is establishing itself in the mid-price range with a fly rod that, given its excellent features, still has a very interesting price.

Unlike previous L&F rod models, the blank of the NX8 is made of a special carbon fibre manufactured in Japan, which significantly increases performance, casting comfort and durability. The perfect interplay of the material with the innovative resins used ensures a fly rod that is characterised by lightness, responsiveness and robustness. A very special braiding of the carbon fibres was chosen for the handle section of this fly rod, which counteracts torsion and thus makes it easier to maintain the casting plane, which in turn has a very positive effect on the length and precision of the casts.

The high-quality cork rod handle and the aluminium reel seat with carbon insert complete the picture of a high-quality fly rod with impressive performance.



The RADIUS rod series is the successor to the well-known and popular IM7 fly rods from LOOMIS & FRANKLIN. The original IM7 fly rods are no longer being reissued and are therefore only available while stocks last.

The rod blanks in this series are also made of IM7 carbon fibre, but special attention was paid to quality in every detail when revising the series. The high-quality cork of the rod handles, the lightweight aluminium reel seats and the corrosion-resistant rod guides are anything but a matter of course for a fly rod in this price range. The fishing experience that these fly rods offer thanks to their performance and sensitivity will therefore not only convince the enthusiastic beginner, but also experienced fly fishermen will have a lot of fun on the water with these rods.



An IM8 carbon fibre was used in the manufacture of the SX fly rod series from LOOMIS & FRANKLIN in order to achieve the desired characteristics of these fly rods in the best possible way. Much more important than the technical details of the individual materials, however, are the properties and features of different rods within this rod series. And these are impressive, because the SX rod series also has a first-class finish, is incredibly powerful and is offered at an extremely attractive price. The rod guides come from Sea Guide, whereby the guide ring has a ring insert made of SIC, which minimises line friction and allows you to cast further. The remaining rod guides are made of super-light stainless steel and have a PVD anti-corrosion treatment. The reel seat has been made even lighter than that of the other two rod series.



The action of the IM12 rod series can be described as consistently responsive and progressive. The main reason for this is the carbon fibre materials used, which have the highest tensile strength of all LOOMIS & FRANKLIN fly rod series. This also results in the very light and thin rod blanks that characterise this rod series.

The quality standards of the IM12 rods are also reflected in the choice of components and features. Rod handles made of fine natural cork, reinforced with protective rubber cork in critical areas, reel seats made of satin-finished aluminium, engraved with the respective line class of the fly rod. The high-quality rod guides from Sea Guide are completely corrosion-resistant and the SIC insert in the guide ring reliably reduces line friction.

Whether classic fly fishing with a dry fly, modern nymph fishing or fly fishing for large and powerful predators, the IM12 fly rods from LOOMIS & FRANKLIN make every trip to the water a real pleasure.