Successful fly fishing with our catchy fly patterns

Our fly-fishing shop specialises in artificial flies and our many years of experience led to the largest and most comprehensive range of flies for fly fishing on the market. With us, you will find the right fly pattern for every type of fish, every type of water and every conceivable situation. Our know-how enables us to guarantee a very high tying quality even for inexpensive models of fishing flies. For all those fly fishers, on the other hand, who only settle for the best, we have developed our own line of flies that are entirely made in Italy. By professional fly tiers who use only the highest quality tying materials for their creations. All fly patterns are developed and tested by us before they go on the market, so that we can guarantee you maximum effectiveness and catchability on the water.

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Since our foundation in 2008, we have consistently specialised in high-quality artificial flies for fly fishing - the flies are the heart of our online fly shop! Thanks to our enormous selection of different flies and the constant availability of the vast majority of patterns and hook sizes, we are one of the leading suppliers in Europe.

All our flies are hand-tied by experienced fly tiers according to our exact specifications. This is why our flies are not only very catchy, but also durable, because we use only high-quality materials to tie our flies. As a result, you can concentrate on fishing on the water and don't have to change your fly after every catch or take.

We stock a very wide range of artificial flies with which you can fly fish extremely successfully for a wide variety of target fish: from classic and traditionally tied dry flies to heavy and effective tungsten nymphs, large and lively streamers and modern imitations of terrestrials made from very buoyant materials. You will also find the best fly patterns for fly fishing for pike and other predatory fish as well as for fly fishing in salt water with our artificial flies!

All types of water and every situation is unique. And the same applies to the activity of the fish and their preference for certain fly patterns. This way it can happen that a fly pattern was a proven bringer yesterday and today no fish will take it. That's why we offer a wide range of flies so that we can provide you with the right fly pattern for all areas of fly fishing, regardless of whether you are fishing a fast-flowing stream, a calm lake or everything in between. Thanks to the huge selection, you will always find the perfect fly pattern so that you can be successful at any time on any body of water and for any species of fish.

For this reason, we are constantly expanding our range of flies. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with various very creative and extremely talented fly tiers, we are constantly developing new and catchy fly patterns. The numerous positive feedback from our satisfied customers are also very helpful and valuable to us. After all, they test our flies in practice day after day. If you also want to benefit from the collective experience of our customer community, then simply take a look at the bestsellers in the individual fly categories. We particularly recommend that enthusiastic newcomers to the wonderful world of fly fishing get an overview of our wide range in this way when buying their first flies.

With our flies, you will experience successful and unforgettable hours on the water. Fill up your fly box with your favourite patterns from our range today and see for yourself the quality and catchability of our flies.