Barbless FABs

Eye-catching patterns that are suitable for many Stillwater rigs due to their buoyancy

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FAB (Foam Arsed Blob) is, as the name suggests, a special variation of the successful and very popular Blob fly. The difference between the two patterns is the foam body at the tail end of the fly that gives buoyancy. This additional feature makes the FAB one of the most versatile fly patterns for stillwater fly fishing by adding the advantage of self-buoyancy to the extreme catchability of the blob.

You can use the FAB as a top fly and offer one or more buzzers or nymphs on sidearms. The floating FAB allows you to offer your imitations just below the water surface, where, for example, the chironomid larvae linger briefly after rising before hatching. The FAB, together with the floating fly line, serves primarily as buoyancy. However, due to its bright colours and the seductive play of the body material, it is quite possible that the FAB itself entices the fish to bite.

More often, however, the FAB is fished on intermediate or sinking lines and offered in a similar way to boobies due to its swimming characteristics. This allows you to fish the FAB very effectively in different water depths and offer the fly where the fish are. Due to the buoyancy, the FAB is always above your fly line, depending on the length of your leader. As soon as you start to retrieve, the FAB is pulled down and slowly rises towards the surface again during the pauses. These bobbing movements of the fly and the seductive play of the bright and glittering fibres of the tying material exert an irresistible attraction on the fish and therefore tempted to bite.

This versatile use and the easy application make the extremely successful FAB a fly that belongs in the fly boxes of beginners as well as professionals.