Fly tying floss

Colour accents for even more catchy fly patterns

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Floss threads are very interesting and more and more fly tiers are using them to tie their own dressing. This particular floss thread is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun and when it is hit it becomes particularly fluorescent. To observe this reaction in a more accentuated way you can try to light it with a UV flashlight.

Since it is not a real tying thread it is not used to tie various fly tying materials but is mainly used to make small coloured spots on dry flies and nymphs. The realization of these small colored spots will give an extra gear to your imitations, making them much more visible and attractive.

The floss threads that we propose are of the highest quality, produced by the prestigious company Textreme, and the many colors available will certainly meet all your needs as a fly tiers.