Hip waders

Hip waders, breathable & lightweight, are perfect for small waters & hot days

If you only have to wade every now and then and not too deeply when fly fishing, hip waders are certainly the best choice. They are made of the same breathable and absolutely waterproof material as the classic waders and are worn like them in combination with wading boots. Due to their short cut, however, they offer the greatest freedom of movement and are pleasantly airy, especially on hot days. Ideal in summer on small meadow streams when you only have to get into the water from time to time. They are also very quick to put on and take off, so waders are ideal for a short fishing session in between. To keep the waders in place, they have loops or clips on the side that you can attach to the waistband or belt of your trousers.

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Hip waders

Hip waders are made from the same fabric as conventional waders. In this way, they also have the excellent waterproof and breathable properties of their bigger brothers. When using hip waders, they are also combined with special wading boots (sold separately). This not only results in remarkable comfort compared to a classic rubber boot. It also gives you much better stability when wading, which ultimately helps your safety on the water.

Hip waders are perfect for fishing in small streams or in all those fishing situations where you only need to get into water that is not too deep from time to time. These hip waders offer a number of other advantages. They roll up very small, so they are easy to transport and save space. Their light weight means you don't even notice you're wearing them. In addition, hip waders offer you enormous freedom of movement. And last but not least, they are a very pleasant alternative to conventional waders, especially on hot days in summer, because hip waders are much airier due to their reduced dimensions and therefore keep you cooler when fishing.

Due to the comparatively thin and fine fabric, hip waders are also much softer and more comfortable to wear than classic hip-high boots made of rubber or neoprene. To keep the hip waders in place, they are attached to the belt or waistband of your trousers with the help of length-adjustable straps.

Compared to other waders, hip waders are also much easier and quicker to put on and take off. This is especially practical if you want to get to the water quickly and use the little time you have to catch fish.

Hip waders are very popular with anglers because they allow you to wade in water that is not too deep and at the same time offer optimal comfort. Especially if you have to walk long distances to get to the water, or if you are travelling by car between one fishing spot and another, hip waders are certainly the best choice.