Worms & squirmy wormys on barbless hooks

Squirmy worms & other worms - so catchy they are banned on some waters

Here we offer you a large selection of super catchy Squirmy Wormys. Admittedly, this pattern is not entirely uncontroversial in fly fishing and many traditional fly fishers roll their eyes when they see a Squirmy Wormy. What is undisputed, however, is its outstanding catchability. This pattern is so successful that it has already been banned on some waters. But if you are surprised by a sudden downpour and the water turns cloudy in no time, you will be glad to have a few of these Squirmy Wormy patterns in your fly box. Here you'll find the classic Squirmy Wormy with one or more tails and, in many patterns, a tungsten bead as an efficient weight to quickly get to depth. We also have extremely attractive worm fly patterns in our range that use special chenille materials that play extremely lively in the current.

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It is true that worms are not insects and they are not fished on the surface of the water. Nevertheless, we have decided to group them here. Because just like other representatives of the terrestrials, they regularly fall into the water themselves. There they are an extremely desirable prey for every fish.

Many a fly fisherman may turn up his nose at the imitation of a worm. But the fact remains that these special fly patterns can save your fishing day. If you are surprised by a short thunderstorm in summer while fishing, it is not uncommon for the water to become cloudy immediately. The fly fisherman with the nymph or even dry fly packs up under such conditions. Yet the conditions are now perfect for imitation worms. For worms are also washed into the water with the soil. Due to the turbidity of the water the fish is less suspicious and it is harder for them to see you. The worms, then again, are tied in eye-catching colours and the very mobile materials make them play very seductively in the water. Thus, fish will notice and take them eagerly. Because they are weighted down, you can reach the bottom quickly even when the water level is high.

Because of this you should always have some worms in your fly box. This way you are well prepared for turbid water caused by a quick downpour and can continue fishing successfully.