Fly tying chenille

Different shapes and properties for innovative and creative flies

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Like almost all fly tying materials, chenille has evolved over the years and many different materials can be found today. The classic chenille is already very versatile because it lends itself very well to many different types of dressing but with the arrival of the latest fly tying materials, the possibilities of use are really endless.

The most classic uses that can be made with this kind of fly tying material are extended bodies for dry flies (see video), nymph bodies such as Montana Stone or San Juan Worm, or you can tie many different types of streamers such as the famous Wooly Bugger.

When using classic chenille or SQUIRMY CHENILLE to make extended body or San Juan Worm, it is best to burn the end slightly to increase resistance, while for GUMMY CHENILLE, being a plastic material, it is preferable to use a drop of UV glue for this purpose.

Modern chenille is characterised by very bright fluorescent colours and some of them react to the UV rays of the sun, making your artificial flies really attractive. The movement is also no less, making it particularly suitable for fishing in lakes where the fish have plenty of time to examine your imitation and to generate the attack of the fish you need to stimulate its predatory instinct.

The brand new EGGSTASY is used to make imitations of eggs, big nymphs and streamers.

Below we leave you with a couple of our fly tying tutorials in which we have used these materials, hoping they will be a cue for your next dressing.