Everything you need to tie your own first flies

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For an inexperienced fly tiers it can be complicated to untangle the world of fly tying. The myriad of  fly tying materials and tools on the market today could disorientate the neophyte, leading him very often to make wrong purchases.

For this reason, we at 1000flies thought to select for you complete FLY TYING KITS, providing you with all the basic material to start tying your imitations. We have selected products of quality but at the same time cheap, this allows you to start in the right way, spending a reasonable amount of money.

The FLY TYING KITS are divided into BASIC and PRO. The BASIC version is the cheapest and has the bare minimum necessary to start fly tying, while in the PRO version we have added extra fly tying materials and tools, certainly not essential but that will allow you to diversify your imitations.

Many of the dressing that we have realized in our fly tying video tutorials can be realized using these kits.