With the excellent imitations by Mauro Raspini you will outsmart even the most suspicious fish

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THE FLY SERIES "PHY" Match the Hatch

Artificial fly fishing is indisputably and indissolubly linked to the universe of aquatic organisms. This means catching fish with targeted imitations of those insects at that vital stage. The search for perfection in technique and tactics is fundamental, but imitations are the primary expression of this art.

Other instincts of the fish, such as territoriality or aggressiveness, which are also typical of the laws of nature, cannot be ignored, mechanisms which, if properly exploited, can still lead to success in terms of catches. I certainly do not underestimate this aspect, but I consider it marginal, a catch at all costs has never interested me so much and should be so for those who fly fishing. When a fish grabs our little artificial perfection and mistakes it as true, it is as if it were giving it life, and this is an immeasurable privilege.

Fly tiers is an art that I personally approach to painting and architecture, and therefore can not ignore the value of the historical memory of the artificial past, which represent the accumulation of icons and experiences of great fishermen for us can not be developed in a single life. Investigating the past in dozens and dozens of ancient and historical volumes and over 30 years spent on rivers around the world with a flycane in hand, led me to write "The Fly - La Genesy", where I collected over 500 models of the universal history of flyfishing. In "The Fly - Sacred and Profane" I have enclosed what in my opinion is the evolution of the artificial of the classical world, updated with modern fly tying types and materials, where this has been considered possible, improvements. Each family of insects is represented in every stage of its life, from the Nymph to the Spent.

The PHY series represents, from my point of view, the essence of fly fishing.

Mauro Raspini