High-quality wading gear for fly fishing and the matching accessories

Especially when fly fishing, a good pair of wading equipment are crucial. In contrast to many other fishing methods, with fly fishing you are much more likely to deliberately go into direct contact with the wet element in order to be able to fish a promising spot in the best possible way. The most important thing is to stay dry and have a stable grip on any surface. This not only makes your trip to the water more relaxed, but also safer. Even bad weather shouldn't keep you from your passion. That's why we have the right jackets that will reliably protect you all day long also from the water coming from above. When it comes to waders, you should only save on the price, but not on the quality. High-quality, robust and durable waders pay off in any case and save you from many an unpleasant surprise on the water.

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With the right wading equipment, every trip to the water is a wonderful experience. Whether summer or winter, small mountain stream or coast, good wading clothing protects you from the elements and keep you dry. Properly combined, it is suitable in both grim cold and tropical temperatures. Excellent wading equipment is so comfortable to wear that ideally you won't even feel them. Then you can concentrate fully on the water and the fish and forget everything around you. Really good wading equipment is also very robust, because it has been specially developed and produced for rough use. Its durability means that the cost is quickly put into perspective. If you are looking for first-class wading equipment that meet all these requirements, then you have come to the right place.


The heart of your wading clothing is certainly the waders. For us, only breathable waders come into question. Modern materials are now so efficient that they can wick away a large amount of moisture and are 100% waterproof at the same time. Therefore, when buying your new waders, pay attention to these two key figures.

To ensure that you enjoy your waders for a long time, they should be reinforced, especially in areas that are subject to heavy wear. The fewer seams a pair of waders has, the fewer possible weak points there are. In addition, clever design allows the seams to be relocated to unproblematic places. Welding instead of classic sewing with a needle ensures durable and reliable without puncturing the waterproof membranes.


Just like the waders, the wading jacket should be as breathable as possible on the one hand and 100% waterproof on the other. It should protect you reliably from wind and weather, snow and thunderstorms. But whether your wading jacket keeps you warm and dry depends not only on the properties of the textiles used. Just as important are the shape and adjustment options of the hood, so that it fits perfectly. Adjustable and well-fitting cuffs prevent water from entering, even if you dip your arms briefly into the water.

A loose cut ensures freedom of movement. This is especially important when throwing. Large pockets provide plenty of storage space. Make sure they are easy to reach. They also need to keep your accessories safe and dry.


Your wading boots are subjected to a real ordeal. Long marches, mostly in rough terrain, you constantly bump into stones while wading, sand and dirt get into every opening through the water. And all that in constant change from wet to dry. Only the most robust wading boots can withstand this over several seasons. If you want to buy durable and reliable wading boots, we can recommend several models that are 100% made in Italy.

Years of hard testing in the field and the know-how and experience of Italian boot manufacturers who are known and famous for their extremely robust work and outdoor boots have resulted in wading boots you can really rely on. The positive feedback from numerous customers confirms this impressively. You will enjoy these wading boots for several seasons, even under the toughest conditions. That's why we offer a re-sole service for all boot models that are made in Italy.

You can also choose between felt soles and rubber soles. Both types of soles are available with and without spikes. In this way, your wading boots can be optimally adapted to the condition of your waters, so that you always have the best grip.


We have already put together wading combos for you consisting of breathable waders and robust wading boots. We only offer you combinations of products that we also sell individually and that we are absolutely convinced of. This way you can be sure not to buy a pig in a poke. The advantage of the waders and boots combos is the interesting price point, as you can save a lot compared to buying them individually. The size of the boots and waders can be selected individually for all wading combos, just like when you buy them separately.


Fish can be caught on the fly all year round. So that you don't freeze in your waders even in winter when it's freezing cold, you should make use of the layering principle. Functional base layer that is comfortable to wear next to the skin ensures that moisture produced by perspiration is quickly wicked away. A thermal layer forms an air cushion through the fine fibres, which keeps you warm even in sub-zero temperatures. Make sure that all layers of your clothing are breathable.

By the way, we also recommend that you wear light and thin underwear on hot summer days. This will quickly wick moisture away from the surface of your body and transport the water vapour to the outside before it can condense.


Of course, you will also find the right accessories for your wading equipment. Whether it's a folding wading pole, a comfortable wading belt or practical knee pads. With these aids, wading becomes pleasant and safe. We also offer felt soles and rubber soles from Vibram for new soling. With the right spikes, both rubber and felt soles of wading boots can be upgraded. You can quickly and easily seal small holes and leaks yourself with special adhesives.