Whether you need rig winders, floats or weights - here you will find all the sabiki fishing accessories you need

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Besides the catchability of this fishing method, the beauty of sabiki fishing is that you can get by with comparatively few accessories. You don't need a lot of accessories and expensive equipment to catch your first fish with the sabiki. In the case of vertical lifting from a boat, a rod, a reel, a fishing line, a sabiki and a small fishing weight are sufficient. The same applies to fishing with the jumping jack rig in the river. And you don't need any more than that for fishing with the sabiki for twaite shad, locally called sarda or agone.

In this section, we have put together all the essentials that you really need for the various methods of fishing with the sabiki. We have tested the accessories ourselves and can unreservedly recommend them for the different styles of sabiki fishing.

Because the need for accessories and small parts is manageable, you should buy the right accessories for the job. You will see that with minimal extra effort you will be more efficient and successful. Moreover, you will also lose less material. Which will in turn even save money.

You'll see that with the right fishing weight you'll have far fewer missed bites when fishing with a float in the lake. In the river, in contrast, the special shape of the jumping jack fishing weight helps you avoid unnecessary snags and thus material losses.

With a self-adjusting float like the original Renkenfinder, you can fish in a relaxed manner. With every new cast and every change of location, this float automatically adjusts to the new depth. No more tedious plumbing, no more constantly adjusting the stopper knot.

Keep track of your sabikis with the rig winders and rig boxes. With the proper monofilament fishing line, not only the self-adjusting floats work better. Due to the adapted stretch of this fishing line, the hook does not slip as easily, and you lose fewer fish.